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ACL Diagnostic Centre (pvt LTD)

The Advance Care Lab & Diagnostic Centre is committed to provide comprehensive clinical and anatomic pathology services to all patients. Services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week to patients of all ages. The extent of services is determined by evaluation of cost effectiveness, appropriateness, quality of results and availability of suitably trained and educated staff and equipment resources. Implementation of services is with the advice of and consultation with consultants. Laboratory services available at Advance Care Lab & Diagnostic Centre, yet appropriate for the care of patients, are referred to suitably accredited reference laboratories.

Consideration in the selection and use of reference laboratories is based on quality, cost and turnaround time. The Department provides test turnaround times suitable to the clinical situation in which the tests are requested. STAT testing is reported within half an hour of receipt into lab, testing is reported within the same shift of request and routine testing is reported daily or in cases of esoteric testing, at a frequency which is appropriate to the test modality. The Department undertakes internal monitoring to assure compliance with standards not only with tests performed on-site, but those performed at reference laboratories. Phlebotomy and Specimen Processing staffs are trained to be facile on newborns as well as the aged and will undergo annual assessment for competency through direct observation, patient satisfaction surveys and internal specimen collection monitors. The Department works under the medical directorship of the Director Lab Chief Pathologist.